Meet The Seller

Meet The Seller

Meet Laney, the creative mind behind Spicy Corner Store. Growing up with limited financial resources, Laney developed a deep appreciation for thrift shopping and hand-me-downs. This upbringing sparked a love for vintage and pre-loved clothing that has stayed with her throughout her life.

What Inspired Laney to Start Spicy Corner Store?

Laney's personal journey with pre-loved fashion inspired her to share her passion with others. She noticed a gap in the market in New Zealand for quality pre-loved pieces and decided to take matters into her own hands. Her goal with Spicy Corner Store is to provide a curated collection of the best pre-loved clothing for customers in NZ.

How Does Spicy Corner Store Make a Difference?

By offering a carefully selected range of pre-loved clothing, Spicy Corner Store aims to reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion. Laney believes that by promoting the beauty and value of pre-loved pieces, she can encourage every generation to embrace sustainable fashion choices.

At Spicy Corner Store, you can expect to find unique, high-quality pre-loved clothing that tells a story. Each piece has been handpicked by Laney with love and care, ensuring that you receive only the best items for your wardrobe.

Join Laney on her mission to make pre-loved fashion accessible and exciting for everyone. Explore the collection at Spicy Corner Store and discover the joy of sustainable shopping.

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